Alison Buki

I am a creative frontend developer based in Brooklyn, NY. I love collaborating closely with other smart and kind people to make beautiful, informative experiences for the web.

Here are some recent projects I am proud of:

A Modern Newsletter Design System

The Atlantic

Worked closely with editors, designers, and backend engineers to redesign The Atlantic's newsletters from the ground up. I was responsible for building a Node.js microservice to render custom templates powering newsletters sent out to millions of readers daily. My team wrote a post documenting some of our process on The Atlantic's product blog.

2018: A Year in Review

The Atlantic

Landing page for The Atlantic’s 2018 retrospective. HTML/CSS/Javascript, including fun things like CSS Grid & the Intersection Observer API.

Opioids Kill: Here's How an Overdose Shuts Down Your Body

Science News

Interactive explanatory piece for Science News about how an opioid overdose affects different bodily systems. SVG animations triggered on scroll. Winner of the 2018 Ozzie Award for Visual Digital Storytelling.

Here are the paths of the next 15 total solar eclipses

Science News

Interactive 3D data visualization for Science News depicting the paths of future solar eclipses on a zoomable globe. GeoJSON data (NASA) plotted on a 3D globe using CesiumJS & Bing maps API, rendered with WebGL.